1st Cybercrime Conference Caribbean

On November 16, a part of our team was present at the First CyberCrime Conference (in the) Caribbean. Together with our partners Data Expert from the Netherlands, Digital Intelligence from the United States and others it was a very successful conference day.

The conference had very interesting and current topics regarding cybercrime on a technical, juridical and operational level. A lot of information about all kind of hackers, new technologies and cloud issues was brought forward during the day, which started with a key note about “Threats and challenges in the area of cybercrime and cyber security”. The closing keynote was about “Demystifying the Dark Web”.

1st Caribbean Cybercrime Conference

The purpose of this Caribbean Cybercrime Conference was primarily to raise awareness of the growing threat of cybercrime and the growing demand for digital investigations. The aim was also to explain digital forensics and cybercrime.

If Forensic Services Caribbean can be of any assistance in this respect, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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