Marjolaine Jardinier


After obtaining her Master’s degree at the former University of the Netherlands Antilles, currently the University of Curaçao, Marjolaine had decided to continue her studies with a master's degree in the Netherlands. After finishing her studies in the Netherlands she started working full time at a medium sized Trust Office. As account manager legal she was, next to her legal work, also responsible for CDD of her portfolio. From this moment she started to grow in the area of Compliance and further into her carrier this extended to Corporate Governance and Risk Management.

Upon return on Curaçao she has applied and further expanded her knowledge at a Legal & Compliance consultancy followed by several years at a large and reputable Trust Office. She has extensive experience with the AML/CFT legislation and operational aspects of Compliance in various sectors such as Trust, banking and insurance. Her work consisted of reporting and advice to management, training staff, design and coordination of implementation of compliance programs, drafting manuals and policies. This work she has done on Curaçao, Sint Maarten, Aruba, and the Berry Islands. Marjolaine has attended various courses on Compliance in various countries.

Since January 2016, Marjolaine has been working at FSC. She is a Certified Anti Money Laundering Specialist (CAMS) and member of ACAMS. She mainly deals with Compliance work and screenings from the office on Curaçao.


Mevr. M. Jardinier LLM CAMS

T. Curacao: +5999 461 7974